Rubber Douggy NFT Drop

Trade the latest NFT Craze, Doug

The Rubber Dougy NFT drop displays exclusive fun and feature-rich looks that will be sure to add high-yields to early adapters. Add Doug to your NFT collection today!

Rubber Douggy NFT Drop

Buy, Sell, and Trade the newest NFT collection by Snap Delivered

Doug was born in Orlando, Florida in December, 2021. Well, not actually born as much as he was adopted from a restaurant by the owners of Snap Delivered. He has a goal to travel the world with his cutting-edge wit, charm, (his words) and desire to make the world a better place by bringing laughter wherever he goes. Doug is not always the most politically correct person Duck and he won’t be changing for anyone.

Doug only communicates by text with the two men that rescued him from living in cocktails (or alcoholic drinks if ya want) and floating his life away (yes, we do think it is weird he can text when he has no thumbs or fingers, but he says we should worry more about ourselves!). According to Doug, he is a multifaceted renaissance duck that is here to rid the world of injustice brought on by companies that don't believe in doing the right thing. Stay tuned for the astounding adventures and amusing texts to come from Doug.

Douggy is donating 5% of his proceeds to "The Breasties" Breast Cancer Organization

Special week-long training series on integrating Crypto & NFT's into your business

Enter a raffle to win artwork handmade and signed by Gabriel Cozarelli. Value $5,000.

Buy Early, Limited Availability

Crypto Rubber Douggy comprises of over 300 unique artworks

Crypto Rubber Douggy was created by a talented artist who created over 300 fun, and unique looks which will look great in anyones wallet.

Invest in one of the hottest NFT drops Rubber Douggy will be sure to set ablaze your portfolio and make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Crypto Rubber Doug

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Beast Mode
Bitcoin Doug
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Elvis Doug
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Cool Doug
$300 = 300 Total NFTs

1 NFT Rewards

Next Training FREE

Life time FREE DELIVERY using the Snap Delivered App

Special week-long training series on using Crypto & NFT's in your business

Douggy is donating portion of proceeds to "The Breasties" breast cancer organization

Signed NFT by Gabriel Cozzarelli

2 NFT Rewards

Next 3 Trainings FREE

VIP seating at the next training

Lifetime FREE DELIVERY using the Snap Delivered App

Special week-long training series on using Crypto & NFT's in your business

Douggy is donating portion of proceeds to "The Breasties" breast cancer organization

Enter a raffle to win artwork signed and handmade by Gabriel Cozarelli. Value $2,000

Signed NFT by Gabriel Cozzarelli

Enter a raffle to have Paul Mikel come to your town and spend 3 days helping you build your Snap Delivered business.

Doug NFT Roadmap

Dougs Journey

Big plans are in the making. Doug will become a global sensation.

Q1 2022

Discord and Website Launch

Twitter Launch

Pack Bags for LA Summit

Q2 2022
Dive - Date April 30th

Mint Price - 0.11 ETH

Mint Your Doug!

300 DOUGS will be Minted on Launch

Q2 2022

Signed NFT by Gabriel Cozzarelli at LA Event

5% of Saled Donated to The Breasties

Raffle Winners Selected

Q3 2022
Launch Deliver2Earn Coin

Doug Merch for Holders and more!

Crypto Rubber Doug FAQ

Frequently Questions

Get your questions answered with our dedicated support panel. Is your question not featured below? Submit any question or concern using our contact form.

What is the supply / mint price

Supply is 300 NFTs and the mint price is 0.11 ETH.

When is the Launch Date?

At the end of April towards the beginning of March.

What is the Utility?

Holders will become citizens of Dougtopia.

How do I buy a Doug?

1. Sign up for MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet and download the extension on your internet browser.

2. Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the total cost including gas fees.

3. On Mint day, there will be a connect button at the top of our website to connect your wallet.

4. Click on the mint button and you will be prompted to sign up for your transaction. There will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices.

5. Once you have made your puchase, your Doug NFTs will appear in your wallet and on Opensea!